Sunday, 29 April 2012


I've been a bit stuck with this theme apart from the dream I had when I seemed to helping build the Bridge On The River Kwai, my dreams have been very mundane this week. So, I've had to look to one of all-time favourite bands The Kinks for inspiration and do a collage based around their song 'Dreams' from their 1971 OST album 'Percy'.

Dreams (written by R.D Davies)

When I look so far away/ Please don't wake me from my dreams/ I'm just wondering who I could be/ If I lived inside my dreams/

I could be a king or a football star/ Drive around in a big sports car/ An astronaut or a millionaire/ I could do anything or go anywhere

Dream I'm far away

Racing driver or a great politician/ A man of power or a man of religion/ I could be almost anything/ If I could live inside my dreams

Please don't wake me from my dreams


  1. I own The Kinks boxed set...what a great band...what a great song...what a good idea for your great collage. Rock On Kinks!

  2. Brilliant! Looks like heaps more fun than building a bridge during WWII.

  3. I love the song lyrics, and the collage illustrates them perfectly! I especially like how you did the sky in three different panels.

  4. Lovely work as always Ron! I love the Kinks too!

  5. The Kinks! Loved them when I was a moony little teenager prancing about in my white GoGo boots. Excellent collage, Mono, and like how you handled the theme.