Thursday, 5 June 2014

Theme Of The Week: 'Inside My Photo Album'

Hi all,

Today I'll take over from Ron and will be your host for the coming month.

About the Theme:
I love to invent my own family, based on childhood/memories or just my imagination.
So this month I will give you an inside glimpse of my photo album.
Think: family-portraits, self portraits, the story of your life, snapshots, your weird uncle Albert pulling faces at your birthday-party, summer holidays etc. etc.
If anyone feels the urge to add drawing, paint, ink, print or anything like that to his/hers collage this month, please feel free to experiment. I always love to mix some media.

Have fun!


  1. Nice theme Josephine! Looking forward to the months thematics!

  2. Thanks Michael, I admire you for inventing new themes every week!