Monday, 12 December 2016

An Insect Brigand And The Lair It Forms

Not sure how this fits but thought I would upload it anyway as it's the only thing I've made just lately. I like the idea of the beetle making a lair out of old paper scraps - the sort I often find myself in!


  1. It fits just fine: this one has painted-looking bits as well, and it definitely looks as though the insect is destroying the very surface it lives on, in order to make its lair—cool!

    1. By the way, Michael, I dig the way you cleverly incorporated the notion of "Sources &/or Storage" straight into this collage. =grin=

  2. LOVE the title, W, and really like the soft colors and contrasting textures. Excellent!

  3. I agree, this fits and it is highly imaginative! Good work Michael.