Sunday, 11 December 2016

le rouge et le vert (deux)

Source: contemporary magazines, scientific journals, postcards, and catalogs; all clipped before snipping, and stored in boxes labeled by color.

Now this one is more my style... not Christmassy at all.


  1. You found some beautiful colors again! I love the little red dots just above the arrow, very subtle!

  2. Fi, it's a beautiful combination of colors (and I'm still feeling a little Christmas here...!)

  3. Yep, definately feeling the Xmas vibe coming through!

    1. That may not be a Xmas vibe: it may be an eyeball-destroying vibe. I gave the link to this collage to a friend of mine, and she complained that the colors are so intense, on an electronic screen at least, that they made her eyeballs hurt. And that's despite the fact that after I looked at the scan, I desaturated the colors by 15%!

  4. I like it. And I liken it to Christmas too! ;)