Wednesday, 7 December 2016


So another thing I sometimes do is making my own business cards and stamp my handmade stamp on the back. With making a name stamp you have to write backwards, which is not much of a problem to me, I love to do some mirror writing.
To make the cards sturdy I laminate them. It's easy to buy these machines in office shops and warehouses, they come in many forms and sizes.


  1. So clever, so gorgeous? So the woman I was struck by in your previous post.... is that a self-portrait?

  2. Thank you so much Fi., this is not a self-portrait but a drawing after an old image of a beauty-queen contest. The Miss-whatsoever looked very tired at that moment and had taken off her shoes and a very dull expression on her face (just the right moment for me to turn her over in a 'josephine=cutting-queen' stamp)
    The woman in my previous post was a drawing I made of my oldest granddaughter ;))

  3. A tired beauty-queen contestant! How much fun... I'll have to try that myself, drawing images from what I find in magazines.

    1. Oh, and I meant to say: some of the larger Xyron sticker makers, starting at 5 inches I believe, do have laminating refills you can buy.

    2. Yes I noticed your sticker maker looks a lot like a laminate machine.