Sunday, 4 December 2016

Iron-On Transfers

There's another sewing product that I've used to do image transfers in some collage and book projects.  The process is simple -- you purchase a packet of iron-on (heat) transfer sheets, which you can find at a fabric or craft store, then you use your copier to print an image onto the transfer sheet, and then you simply iron it onto the paper or book at a fairly low setting.  It adheres nicely and the images are somewhat transparent, letting the underlying text or pattern show through.  You can use b&w or colored images, and the finished page has an interesting, slightly rough texture.  Here's a sample page spread with two different iron-on transfers (underneath a hand-cut page):


  1. The texture is very beautiful and I love the white 'sentence' with just the one word in front.

  2. These look great Lynn - I must try something with iron-ons.

  3. Ooooo... I do want to try this! I like the way the print shows through in these images, but here's an alternative: if you're scanning in a magazine page or whatever, you can minimize, if not remove entirely, what's on the other side of the page, by putting a black piece of cloth on top of it before you close the lid of your flatbed scanner. I use a black piece of felt because it's so non-reflective, but I suppose any black cloth or even just a thick black piece of paper (like cardstock) would do.