Thursday, 15 December 2016

FROM MY COLLECTION! I did NOT make this. : )

I LOVE ephemera. I have quite a bit tucked away in boxes and also all over my studio--tacked to walls, sitting out on a table, etc. I just posted reasons (under the comment section of this week's theme) why I didn't participate in last week's theme for which I am sorry but I just posted comments to all of your lovely creative work!

AGAIN, I DID NOT MAKE THIS COLLAGE. But it fits Fi's theme so well and I put it out at Christmas so I thought why not share with you all!

It was found at an antiques market and it has a frame which I omitted in this photo. Made entirely of vintage Christmas cards by an UNKNOWN artist, pasted on a 30" x 11 3/4" board which has a painting on the reverse.


  1. What a glorious celebration of Christmas! And it's inspiring me, too: I have a scrapbook my mom gave me that has old (1950s) greeting cards in it. I just may try to unearth it and use my scissors on those cards!

  2. Lovely find. I have a similar Victorian scrap screen that is similarly OTT. I must upload a photo of it.

  3. Great find Angie and a nice 'art brut' poster.