Thursday, 6 November 2014

One of Each

I'm up to my neck in book-work detritus (printing fairy tales on old teabags...what?!), so I'm pulling a couple from the archives.  I'll try and do a bespoke piece later this week.

 Away went Mr. Green

Snake Baby


  1. Glad you posted these...they are FAB!

    AND printing fairy tales on old tea bags????? Please post one of those! (Are they used?) I cannot imagine.

  2. Love them both! And I agree with Angie, would love to see your printed tea bags.

  3. Yup, another harebrained idea which is actually turning out pretty cool. I printed some old travel postcard images on used teabag papers (large ones about 4-1/2 x 8" that I emptied, dried and ironed) and now I'm making some fairy tale style silhouettes and collaging those onto the printed teabags. Plan is to turn these into a little artist's book, maybe with words, maybe not. I loaded a couple pages onto my Flickr pages if you're interested (

  4. I love them both, too! And I went to your flickr page .... and what I saw is just brilliant! Also the wooden book!!!