Thursday, 13 November 2014

Theme of the Week - Rows Upon Rows Of People In Rows

This is based on an old article about Ray Johnson in a art mag. back in the 60's. In it he had sent clippings of rows of people to various correspondents. Dancers, soldiers, students, football teams etc. I'd always remembered the title for some reason. It didnt click at the time and the notion of mail art went over my head as a spotty art student but luckily some fifteen or so years later I discovered it again and I was hooked. Anyway it will be interesting to see your interpretations of this theme. Have fun!


  1. Love, love this theme, I'm always thinking about making a parade of funny people! Unfortunately I'm very busy up cycling my house at the moment, but I hope I'll manage to make a collage at the end of this theme.

  2. Hope you manage to get back collaging soon!

  3. Cool theme, Michael: now I just gotta figure out how to execute it!