Saturday, 20 January 2018

drifting off in a world of their own

Weird (Roman?) animal from Dover clip art. Baby and woman from Curious Moments: the caption says the baby is five and a half months old, and that he's been able to do that stunt "practically since he was born." Words are the title of an article in the New York Review of Books. Sculpture in background was made by Andrea Zittel.


  1. Ooooh, Fi, that's the Capitoline Wolf, mythical she-wolf suckling the twins Romulus & Remus from the legend of the founding of Rome. And what a dramatic baby feat! Looks like the Capitoline Wolf is either eyeing baby's stunt so she can get her critters to perform OR she's eyeing her next dinner! ; )

  2. Some kinda weird stuff going on here, Fi! At first I thought it was Trump's wall in the background...not sure WHAT message we would have gotten from that!