Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Moon Goddess and Her Cats Comet and Asta

I have had the beautiful woman bedecked in moon symbols (and gold accents!) for so long I have no idea where I bought her and where this illustration is from. The collage is 8 x 8 inches which gives you an idea of her size. The beautiful moon is a painting by French artist and astronomer Lucien Rudaux (1874-1947) and I cut it out of  The Larrouse Encyclopedia of Astronomy 1967. I named the cats Comet (meaning: a celestial body) and Asta (meaning: bright as a star).


  1. Beautiful Goddess and very nice cats - well fitting to the theme!

  2. The colors of the Mood Goddess go perfectly with the moon, and the texture of the kitties' fur is fabulous!

    1. Of course I meant to say "Moon Goddess."

  3. Okay, CC, I want this to be a new constellation...the Moon Goddess and Her Cats...right next to Orion, I think...

  4. Nice work Angie. Top Cats in a Moonage Daydream.

  5. Thanks all...I was happy to finally find a collage for my "Moon Goddess". I do believe after trying to research the image that it was a book-plate (there was no text on the back of her) and the dress was most likely a suggestion for a masquerade costume circa late 1880s.