Thursday, 25 January 2018

WEEKLY THEME - Mood Indigo

Get in the mood for of the world's favorite colors.  Centuries ago weavers discovered how to extract the color indigo by soaking certain green leaves in water, and today every one of us owns a pair of blue jeans.  The Mayans used indigo in pottery and frescoes, traces of indigo have been found on Egyptian textiles, the Chinese used it for inks, and Picasso had his Blue Period.  But..."Mood Indigo" is ALSO a strange 2013 French movie in which a man finds his true love but then risks losing his fortune after she develops a strange condition in which she must always be surrounded by fresh flowers.  Oh, and it's ALSO a fabulous song by the great jazzman, Duke Ellington.

What can YOU do with indigo?


  1. Another GREAT theme Lynn! Thanks.

  2. I love the way you wrote your introduction to the theme, your description of Mood Indigo!