Friday, 26 April 2013


So this is a page from a book on how to make prints. 

A levigator is a grinder used in the process of stone lithography. 

I found the reaching arm/hand in a 1930s magazine ad for a muscle ointment. 

I covered the text re: use of the levigator with an antique circa 1900s advertisement for a New York photography studio.


  1. Love the muscled arm - on the way into the socket-outlet - puh!

  2. Wonderfully surreal—and oddly thought-provoking, too!

  3. the word, love the images!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    And Sabine...that is not a socket-outlet - it was on the page with the Levigator description (I believe it is an view of the top of the instrument) but I now look at it the way you saw it. Makes it all the more interesting and tense.

  5. Ah, ok Angie - thank you for the info! But I still associate a socket-outlet - haha - that is what art makes so interesting!