Thursday, 17 May 2018

bananas #2 —> uncertainty of the poet, altered

From my recent archives. Giorgio Di Chirico painted those bananas (and some of the other stuff). I think Di Chirico must've loved bananas, 'cause he was so good at painting them.

As it happens, I don't love bananas—not in real life. They're OK, but I find them kind of bland. But in collages? I appear to love bananas, 'cause I put them in so many collages. Go figure...


  1. Hazel always buys the bananas and it's me who ends up trying to eat them all before they go to mush!

  2. Yeh, bananas are funny that way. Once you buy them, a clock starts ticking, since they ripen fast, then overripen fast. And Bob and I have different opinions about when they're ideal tor eating. He likes 'em a little bit greener than I do. I like 'em best when they're covered with all those little brown freckles caled "sugar spots."

  3. An appealing mix and juxtaposition of images here, Fi! Those are fabulous bananas courtesy of DiChirico.