Sunday, 6 May 2018

Orson Welles's Cutting Room

Orson Welles: Born May 6th 1915


  1. Cery cool that you found all those picture!

  2. Excellent - what a genius he was!

  3. Years ago I was visiting an elderly neighbor who told me he went to school with Orson Welles. I did not believe him. He left the room and came back with the paper-bound yearbook for The Todd School for Boys, Woodstock, Illinois. He showed me two photographs within the book that were indeed pictures of a very young Orson Welles.

    This part is from the web:

    Welles arrived at The Todd School 1926, a Kenosha, Wisconsin native who had moved to Highland Park, Illinois.

    The school's progressive, hands-on philosophy encouraged students to pursue their interests, which Welles did with a passion, directing plays, acting and producing radio shows until his graduation in 1931.

    At any rate, my neighbor asked me to sell his yearbook on eBay, which I did. The auction ended, to my recollection, at around $1,000.

    I really like your collage a lot.

  4. Many thanks everyone. A great story Angie about Orson's schooldays. I had heard that yearbooks with the future famous go for silly money on eBay.