Friday, 27 May 2016


I've been busy cutting up more art books. 1 is Raphael's "The Dream of Scipio" circa 1500. 2 is Esteban Murillo's "A Girl and Her Duenna" circa 1665-75. 3 is Auguste Renoir's "Bather with a Griffon" circa 1870. 4 is Correggio's "Jupiter and Io" circa 1532. 5 is Jacques Louis David's "The Death of Marat" circa 1793. 6 is Caspar David Friedrich's "The Wreck of the 'Hoffnung' circa 1821.


  1. Oh I love the enscenering of this bunch of people Angie ...

  2. This is quite remarkable. These people both belong together, and do not. I have a few old art books myself, which I dip into, to cut something out, from time to time. This is a way more imaginative use of such pictures than I've ever thought of. Touché, Angie!

  3. By numbering it is telling a story - interesting, Angie!