Sunday, 22 May 2016

What the Well Dressed Wear

I have been busy cutting up old exhibition catalogues and art books, my favorite thing to do (besides, of course, creating collages out of the images)!

Included are Elie Nadelman's "Hostess" circa 1918-20, painted cherry wood and Marcel DuChamp's "Jacquette" (Front and Back) circa 1956, a collage drawing. Pasted down on William Baziotes "Sea Forms" 1951, pastel.


  1. I can relate with you on the cutting of art books, you can really get inspired by them.
    I love the composition and the color of your collage .. looks like a kind of modern catwalk.

  2. I agree with Josephine - I´m reminded on a catwalk, too. Well combined images, Angie.

  3. Love the textures and palette.

  4. Hey, I'm a Baziotes fan. I love the way you placed the woman's sculptured head such that the painted lines look like she's emitting spiritual energy. As much as I've studied Duchamp, I didn't know he'd designed a jacket—a stunning one, too. The tailoring of the back and the asymmetry... cool.