Monday, 23 May 2016

prom dress: a william morris fantasy

From my archives. I have no idea why I signed up for a "fantasy prom dress" postcard swap, since I hate proms. In high school, I blew off my junior prom, and I only went to the senior prom because the administration of my small private school forced me to. =sigh=

But perhaps if I'd had this dress...

My fantasy prom dress would be fashioned of a lightweight cotton--slightly shiny, like chintz--in a pattern by the late Victorian multi-talented designer William Morris. I chose his "Pimpernel" pattern, which features leaves & blossoms swirling in a figure-of-eight pattern. The dress design itself, as pictured, is pretty simple: the neckline and drop waist would be trimmed with bands of black velvet. (The black bars on the postcard are black velvet ribbon.)


  1. I love this a lot Fi. I'm a fan of the exquisite designs of William Morris and the addition of your fantasy prom dress and the black velvet ribbon are perfect. I did not go to my prom either. Never thought I missed much. Except the chance to perhaps wear a beautiful dress like this...

  2. Interesting material mix again. I like that.
    The German saying "I get the pimpernel" is an idiom for "to grow impatient" - it just came in my mind.

    1. "I got the pimpernel," huh? Fascinating, Sabine. I really like the German language. I took a year of it in college, and I wish I had the time to learn more. My best friend is self-employed as a German-to-English translator.

  3. Love the colors and the pattern and the black velvet ribbons gives it gives it extra meaning.