Tuesday, 10 May 2016


I'm having a rough time in my rehab, which is always two steps forward, one step back. So I'm posting one from my archives.

In August 2014, my husband and I picked up a brother-sister pair of oriental shorthair kittens from our breeder. This collage was a gift for the woman who breeds these lively, social, charming cats.

Oriental shorthairs are close relatives of Siamese, and are sometimes described as the "greyhounds of the cat breeds": they are long and tall and skinny with long faces and big ears. As for the spiral tails, well, spirals can mean many things, but in the nature religion I practice they stand for regeneration and renewal. That's the kind of energy I need these days!

I'm so sorry about your loss, Angie. I've lost five beloved cats, so I know what you're going through. Freud had an apt phrase for it: "The work of mourning."


  1. Thank you for your sympathy Fi. I love that Freud quote, never heard it before. Thanks.

    I am sorry you are having difficulty with your rehab. KEEP STRONG Sister. I think of you often.

    This collage is stunning. I have seen photos of your cat companions on Flickr. This really captures their spirit.

  2. I do remember this collage, Fi - still beautiflul in colors and meaning!
    So sorry to read about your rehab - head up and stay strong - wishing you all the best!!! And get well soon!