Friday, 22 February 2019

Sensational New Trail Guide for Bicyclists

Does "World Naked Bike Ride" occur in your neck of the woods?
It does in Chicago.
I am an avid bicyclist.
I have yet to participate.


  1. I like cycling, too. But I prefer to practice it dressed. - haha -
    What a fun poste, Angie!

  2. Great collage ! They have a naked bike ride in Brighton which we witnessed once whilst waiting for our son being interviewed at the art college - quite a sight !

  3. Fun! I like the concept, and also the fonts, especially the Art Nouveau one for the title—most appropriate!

  4. i was going to say that....the best bit was the embarrassment of the fully dressed policeman on a bike accompanying them....I like the cheeky collage....:)

  5. Fun collage Angie. No, far too cold here for that event in Glasgow, even in Summer!