Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hey, I've Got One!

Thanks to Fi, I have discovered that I am an array artist.  Make that "artiste" (sounds more satisfyingly snooty). Here is my unwitting array piece done a couple months ago.  I'll make another one for this lovely theme (thanks for being our Theme Master, Fi!) if I get a moment.


(The quote is from Anais Nin, "Delta of Venus" probably. Red lines are thread.) 


  1. Wonderful! Love the large central collage and all the small images around the outside - really works well.!

  2. Well, technically, that's a frame in the form of an array....but who's arguing—not me! Ths is wonderfyl, Lynn, and I'm especially tickled to spot my dear author, Jean Genet, in the lower right. Great job, and I love the red lines.

  3. And incorporating a cool quotation like that would make a good theme, too!

  4. This is impressive, Lynn!
    After a while I recognized that there is some more text around the bigger one - but I could not read it because of the size (and my eyes - haha).

    1. Just some lines from an old dictionary -- a collage tradition, meaningless text.

  5. There's a whole lot to be discovered here! Wonderful Lynn!!

  6. Quite an array of very different from each other images composing the framework which somehow relate to the central image. Like the sewn (?) red lines -- you mentioned they are thread. Great piece!