Thursday, 15 January 2015

Surreal Seurat

What fun this was to put together this morning!  Great theme Fi.  That's "Bathers at Asnieres" 1884 by Georges Seurat.  I used two paintings for the blobs.  "Coalbrookdale by Night" 1801 by Philip James DeLoutherbourg and "Attila and His Hordes Overrun Italy and the Arts" 1843-47 by Eugene Ferdinand Victor.


  1. Angie you did an excellent blob-job! I love the combination of the 2 paintings! Makes the Seurat painting even look much stronger! And it looks like the boy in the water is blowing all them blobs.

  2. I like the composition of this painting quite a lot, but Seurat's color palette—pastel hues and white—always seems too limited, making him a minor artist. What you have done, Angie, is to expand the colors in all the right directions. Thank you: now I like the painting more!

  3. You mixed the two eras / periods of art so well, Angie! Wonderful!