Tuesday, 13 January 2015

when all the ice melts...

...Fire 'Zilla will emerge from the depths of the sea. But will he come to rescue us, or to escort us to our well-deserved doom?

Fire 'Zilla from photo by Patti Sundstrom. Views of the ocean's surface from photo by Richard Ellis.

I don't know why I picked this topic. I'm really lousy at getting things to line up right. The next one will be easier, I promise you.


  1. I guess he will escort us to our doom! I like the b&w image of ocean view (looking like icebergs) in combination with the mathematic background and the pop of red and orange. Zilla deserved the biggest array of all.

  2. Good story-telling Fi. I love the mathematics on the background and the splash of color!
    Is number 10 a drawing of yourself?
    I want more.. bis,bis...
    I really love this kind of 'graphic novel'!

    1. Is Number 10 a drawing of myself? Well, now that you've asked, I have to say "Yes." Almost all my collages refer to where I'm at, emotionally speaking. I have been both angry and beleaguered lately, but as of last night, the situation has improved a great deal. =smile=

  3. Love that backdrop and the color scheme for Mr. Zilla. We've actually had quite a lot of fun with this theme, since most of us don't often work this way, so excellent job of theming, also!

  4. I agree this has been one challenging theme (especially trying to line things up!) Looks like you put a lot of thought and effort into this collage. Well done Fi.