Thursday, 8 January 2015

theme: arrays

Back when we did the tributes to artist Peter Blake, I made an array like some of Blake's, and Michael thought it would make a good theme. So your challenge this week is to create an array—minimum size of 3 by 3—of images. But it doesn't have to be square: 2 by 4 would do as well. Each "box" in the array can be totally unrelated to the others, or you can stick to a theme. Or tell a story and make a kind of collage comic strip: the possibilities here are endless. I bought this great book called Abstract Comics, and I'm going to mine it for ideas.


  1. Hi Fi! Great theme. I had to refresh my knowledge of Peter Blake and found this link that features some of his collages in the style I think you are referring to:

  2. Love the theme Fi and thanks for the link Angie!

  3. Arrays is a new word to me I must admit though a long time admirer of that style and of Sir Peter Blake. Looking forward to making something for this theme.