Friday, 19 February 2016

crazy "cures" for insanity

I was surprised to discover that I've already made three Bosch-quoting collages. One of them I posted here fairly recently, but the other two are older.

Background is most of the entry on "Insanity" from an 1880 encyclopedia called Library of Universal Knowledge: the text is so fascinating, I left most of it uncovered. At the end of the entry it reads, "For disposition and treatment of insanity, see LUNATIC ASYLUM." (!!) The top picture is a 17th cent. German cartoon. The bottom one is from a 16th cent. painting by Hieronymus Bosch. Both are lampooning supposed "cures," by quack doctors, for insanity.


  1. Yes you choose the right title for this one. How incredible this text and the images are., a great find Fi!

  2. Looking at this is scary. And it is giving me a headache! Real good Boschian feeling Fi!