Thursday, 25 February 2016

Theme of the week: "Free"

Yes this week you're allowed to put in any collage that springs into your mind!
 This is the last week for me to come up with a theme, but it also happens to be a holiday week here so I'm not around for a couple of days.

I hope someone is taken over for new themes next week, I've enjoyed doing it a lot and don't mind doing some (1 or 2) months again later this year.
Thank you all for your great collages these past weeks.


  1. Great theme Josephine - I've enjoyed all of your themes in the previous weeks, there's been some fantastic work produced.

    I'll put my name forward for March & April's Kollage Kit's themes if that's okay with everyone. - Ron

  2. I must second that of course - excellent work and great themes Josephine . The themes for March and April are yours Ron if you want them. I'm sure nobody else will complain!

  3. I'm not complaining and I'm only complimenting Josephine for all of her GREAT INSPIRATIONAL themes. This blog really fuels my creativity and I am grateful for every theme and the fellowship of The Kollage Kit! Look forward to Ron's picks.

  4. Terrific. Looking forward to setting the themes in the coming (hopefully Spring-like) weeks.

  5. Thanks so much, Jo, for being so creative about thinking up themes. And I look forward to Ron's picks, which I recall from the past as being both offbeat and cerebral. =smile=

  6. Thank you very much Josephine for picking our themes during the last two month - you haven chosen great ones! And I´m looking forward to Ron´s themes!