Monday, 29 February 2016

The Shadow's Edge

From some left-overs found on my work table.


  1. This is different from a lot of your work, Michael—not that I don't find all of it brilliant, for sure. I like both the starkness, the weirdness, and the mysterious story suggested by the words in the speech balloon. The creature's head, Chinese medicine arms, and apple in the pelvis, and its peculiar white boundary/background, are wonderfully chosen, and make it seem like an assemblage put together by some capricious artist. That, in turn, lends poignancy to the hopeful faces and words of the two in the lower left: it's hard to believe that they will have anything to gain by landing on this gigantic artwork. Well done!

  2. I like your robotish left-over-creation in combination with the speech bubble.

  3. Wow...I did not guess this was your collage (I usually play that game when I open a page of The Kollage Kit to see what someone has posted.) It is different for you and it is amazing. Well executed from table scraps! Impressive.