Monday, 13 November 2017

artistamps: anna banana

Sticking with the artistamps series for now, I pulled out four artistamps from famed mail artist Anna Banana—her Banana Post 1989.

I don't know where the black-&-white background came from—it was just floating around on my work table—but most of the banana images come from Creative Commons. For those of  you keeping track of Kollage Kit themes, I did a patch of rollage with spotted banana skin. I'm afraid that after I'd already glued down the green veggies in the middle top area, I realized they are not bananas, but banana peppers. Oops...oh well.


  1. They call it mellow yellow! Quite rightly! Had the pleasure of meeting Anna Banana in London once back in the 80's - very nice lady.

  2. Oh what a lovely stamps you have here Fi!

  3. Another new artist for me to look up. I have never heard of Anna Banana! And what a great tribute. And I think the banana peppers fit in quite nicely.

    1. Anna Banana is not just an artist. She's a mail artist, one whose influence began to be felt back in the 1960s, during the great mail art revival of that time. Read more about mail art here.

  4. Great artwork Fi, and thanks for the link above. I'm a great fan of Ray Johnson and the 2002 documentary about his work is a big favourite of mine. Must watch it again.