Thursday, 9 November 2017

let it bleed

Thanks, guys, for encouraging me to post my overdue Rolling Stones collage. As I explained before, the reason why it's overdue is that we were way out in the ridge-&-valley section of south-central Pennsylvania, away from the Internet, when I made this collage.

The element that triggered this is in the upper righthand corner: it's a fragment from Keith Richards's autobiography (memoirs, whatever). It's funny, so I hope it will be legible, once you've enlarged it.

I added to this piece some dibs and dabs and dribbles of liquid acrylic paint.

Enough said. =smile=


  1. The passage from Keith Richard's memoirs is PRICELESS. I have never read the book, but now I think I want to. He is either really funny or was really strung out when he wrote this. The red acrylic paint is PERFECT and I am glad you posted this!

  2. Very nice to read the text Fi ... the boys were high on mushrooms ;))