Sunday, 12 November 2017

LOVE stamp

Okay, I have a huge stash of mostly vintage stamps. I was hard pressed to find a suitable image of a woman to place atop the bride's head. More women are commemorated these days. But back in the day not so much! (Of course I had a lot of Queen Elizabeth stamps which I really love and have done some projects with!) The photograph is a turn of the century cabinet card.


  1. This is what I wanted to say, too: LOVEly work! And I love cabinet cards very much!

  2. Oh Roosevelt seems to fit in perfectly!
    There's really perspective in this composition by the placement of the flowers.
    Well done Angie!

  3. Lovely! Great choice for the background...

  4. Great one Angie....I think The Velvets "I'm Sticking with You" would be the first dance at this wedding.