Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Birth of Halloween in Holland

I'm glad to announce that these two ladies of the Dutch Lowlands found some big potatoes in their backyards and manage to turn them into these Halloween Costumes ... the elderly lady even managed to turn some of the (very old) potatoes into a doll ...
Initially the plan was to turn some Edammer Cheese into a pumpkin head but due to the beer that goes so well with a party the Edammer ended up in their bellies as well ;))


  1. This is so clever and funny Josephine. Made me chuckle out loud. Good work.

  2. The Potatoes Ladies! Made me smile - and Jan Delay´s sond "Kartoffel" (German for potato) came in my mind:

  3. He he! Shame you couldn't squeeze an Edam cheese in there somewhere!