Sunday, 12 November 2017

artistamps: numerals

All right, so this one is kinda weird. The stamps are perforated, so I'll be pulling them apart before affixing them to postcards or envelopes. But the small rubber stamps don't show off very well. Some of them look like bugs landed on my scanner or something... =laugh=

I used brush-tip markers to do the backgrounds, and acrylic paint markers for the numbers, etc. If you don't have a source for perforated sheets, and would like to try making some artistamps of your own, I recommend these folks, although there are a number of companies to choose from. The tiny "peg" rubber stamps can be seen much better at their source, Meer Image. If you're into rubber stamps, or just want to see some cool rubber artwork, I highly recommend browsing Steven Vander Meer's catalog.


  1. FUN, Fi! And thanks for all the resources.

  2. Thanks for the links - very cool rubber stamps!!!! And a good mixed media stamp series, Fi!

  3. Very cool links Fi.... I love rubber-stamps and just did a drawing on an etiket (3,7 by 7 cm)
    There's another company i really love's a french company called

    1. I know Sardon stamps! I have his alphabet series and his Posada stamps. Great French rubber artist!

    2. And I just found the day of the 'false' stamp again ... also in France
      here's a link ... you can send your post on the 16 of november (No real stamps allowed!)
      I have the link from another artist;
      I know the french language is no problem for you ... and I envie you for your stamps of tampographe Sardon!