Friday, 10 August 2018

Little Jack Horner.

Bit of a rush-job this, because we're all off to Wales early tomorrow, so I had to use whatever I found quickly in my collage box of stuff, and luckily found the only cut-out hand in the box, which fit with the swimmer pic immediately, then felt bad thinking about cutting out a picture of the Sphinx's face to make the crust of the Christmas Pie, so used the surrounding desert and part of the head-dress instead. It made me wonder: does anyone else here feel uncomfortable/strange about using certain pictures of things/people/deities in their collage work? It happens to me almost every week!


  1. Nice one Steve - doesn't look rushed atall ! Have fun in Wales - one of our favourite places!

  2. Hi Steve, you certainly created a wonderful piece in a hurry. Nice reaching arm and Christmas details! I have never had that feeling about using a certain image (that I can think of now!) but will be aware of it in future work. Enjoy your holiday.

  3. I do not know the rhyme "Little Jack Horner" - but your collage is nice and does not look like being created in a hurry.
    And yes, I know the feeling and I do not use some special images.
    Have a save journey.