Friday, 3 August 2018

Our Boy Is Home

Have been indoors most of the day but did find this excellent sun burst sweet wrapper in the street a few days back. Seems appropriate for today's collage made from an old postcard and a film star photo ( not sure who this cowboy is with his doggy?) Yep, we had to go to the station and get our boy - who is up from London for a few days. Always good to catch up with him and hear all his news - exhibitions he's been to etc. This packet is well travelled by the looks of it. Archie is well travelled too for someone so young. He likes check shirts too! They'd love a dog but live in a flat in London so that's unlikely at the moment. He's a vegetarian and likes strawberrys too!
( How many other dubious connections can I make to this thing? )


  1. How nice to hear about your time with Archie! Like hearing about the connections between his life and this collage too. Enjoy your time together.

  2. Great collage, and title, and non-dubious connections too! That Sunburst sweet wraper really is fab isn't it – any wrapper with radiating lines on it looks so good, like the Tunnock's tea cakes wrappers, once you've flattened them out of course!
    Great that the cowboy's hand, and the dog's front paws, are breaking the fourth wall of the collage. Could that dog be Lassie, perhaps?