Monday, 6 August 2018

Sunday Car-Boot Trip

Up at 7am with coffee for my semi-regular Sunday trip across town to the car-boot sale. 
City centre almost at a standstill due to Glasgow staging a European Championships Cycle Race so had to scout around for diverted bus routes. (That's Bonnie the Seal in pic - the games mascot). 

At the sale, I bought an old Polaroid camera and in the case were receipts for a 1977 Hong-Kong hotel stay plus laundry bill. On the busy streets on the way home I found a flyer for a nostalgia club night and a sticker for Glasgow's most famous chip shop The Blue Lagoon!


  1. Nice collection of ephemera and obviously a nice day. The hotel receipts are a nice find!

  2. Sounds (and looks) like a most fruitful trip to the car-boot sale! And I love the idea of a hotel in Kowloon being called the Shamrock Hotel!
    Hong Kong used to be the best, and cheapest place to buy the latest cameras in the '70s, and any receipts from there and then always trigger a nostalgia for one childhood holiday I had there visiting family, but maybe not the kind of nostalgia you'd get at Club Tropicana!
    And Bonnie The Seal is a cute mascot, great stuff!

  3. Thanks Sabine & Steve. Hi Steve, a belated welcome to the Kollage Kit. I've just returned from my sojourn to the Inverness area. Yes, the camera seems to have been purchased there with that guarantee stamp on the orange card. I'll give the Club Tropicana a body swerve but definitely head to The Blue Lagoon!

  4. Lovely stuff - full of Eastern promise! 13,870 yen for "Chits" seems a bit steep?!

  5. Oh wow, Ron, great story and great bits of this and that! I worked for The Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Chicago office, from 1972-1977, processing enquiries from U.S. importers seeking H.K. exporters.