Thursday, 9 August 2018

THEME of the Week - Nursery Rhymes

I think we may have had this one before but always good to do again. Interpret any way you please. Old nursery rhymes or modern ones or ones you have made up! Have fun!


  1. I just wanted to tell y'all I'll be AWOL for about three weeks: memorial service for my husband's mom, then up to the "farm" for a quiet celebration of our 40th (!) anniversary, then an annual weeklong visit from a dear friend. But I'll be back! =smile=

    1. That's a busy August, Fi. Sorry to hear about your husband's mother - I hope the memorial service goes well, and happy anniversary to you two! And a happy visit from your friend, and see you in three weeks!

    2. We will miss you Fi - come back soon!

    3. Sorry to hear about your husband's mother, Fi. Happy 40th! and enjoy your visiting pal. Miss your fanciful creations, looking forward to your return.