Tuesday, 7 August 2018

The Collage Man

I was in town yesterday and happened to spot this pile of recent National Geographics on a charity table in Santander of all places. I picked a couple of copies likely to inspire this weeks collage. This series of men selling pharmacuticals from a bucket piled high in Mozambique caught my eye - they even have a pair of scissors at the top neatly wedged in! This could quite easily be the handy collage man who came to my village to sell his wares. Roll rup! Roll up! get your handy scraps of paper and cuttings here!


  1. Inspired creation! Love the story -- I GOOGLED Santander...is that a bank? Whatever, it's a great collage, Michael.

  2. Thanks yes, Santander is a Spanish bank based in Boston USA ! It took over a British building society a few years back.

  3. I got confused by the first sentence too, thought you'd gone to Spain to get some more collage materials! :) Brilliant collage - and a great idea, The Collage Man, selling big batches of paper ephemera from a bucket!