Saturday, 4 August 2018

Lets take a rest - actually

Today is my first day of vacation after some hard working weeks. I actually wanted to take a rest, something like sitting in my arm chair and listening to music  - but than ..... 
I woke up pretty early and went to an antiquarian who collected plenty of art and design catalogues for me. On the way back home I did some grocery because I am expecting friends for dinner and we got the idea to buy a little barbecue for the every first time. We took the grocery and the catalogues back home,  where I found no place for them in my bookshelf - so I started to sort my stuff and than I got one idea after another what I can create out of it. Now I am sitting NOT in my arm chair but in a big chaos between books, paper cutout - and groceries. It´s just 4 p.m. and I do not know where this day will end up.

PS: This chair is designed by Philip Arctander, 1940 and the catalogue, which I got from the antiquarian this morning, noted "Rare variante a haut dossier du fauteuil dit "calm""

AND this is certainly NO advertisement! Just because of our new data protection diligence.


  1. Sounds like a pretty busy day despite all the plans for a relaxing vacation! All our holidays are a bit like that! Love the eary chair!

    1. Haha - the english word is "wing chair" - but in German it´s really "ear chair"

  2. Sabine, I very much enjoyed the story of your day. I read it aloud and smiled. I, also, love that "eary" chair. Hope you got to listen to some music, eventually, and relax...after your dinner!!

  3. Sounds like a great day, even if it was unexpectedly busy, it produced a great collage - wish I had a chair like that!